Once a website is live, it marks the beginning of your business to a new light. And In Order to continue with the support you are providing to your customers through your website, you need to maintain it and update all the useful information from time to time.Ionic Software Services provides website maintenance services that are carried out by highly skilled professional team to give you and your website visitors a seamless experience. Whether your website is an informational static website or a dynamic e-commerce website, our team makes sure that all the pages are running smoothly, and the information collected in the forms reaches you

We provide the following website maintenance solutions:

Modification and addition of website content.
Addition of new pages on the website,
Image manipulation and addition (client-supplied images)
Updation of content on pages
Replace images – pictures and graphics
Adding/removing pages
Database support and management

CMS Integration

We integrate a wide variety of essential plugins, extensions, and tools within your existing CMS solutions and business systems for a more streamlined approach to your workflows, designed to maximize efficiency and boost your ROI.

Ionic Softwares provides you easy modes of payment for AMC to choose from:

Work time or hourly mode
On monthly basis

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